Wacky Panda Slots

Wacky Panda is a brand new slot just launched into an unsuspecting public. With all the attribute of a winner, Wacky Panda combines brilliant casino action with an immersive, themed approach. The gimmicks do not overtake the casino action, as the three reels will keep you riveted to your seat, unable to take your eyes off the game. The hot action comes thick and fast. There are five cute, adorable and lovable pandas taking part in the game and lending a touch of panda magic to the game.

Playing Wacky Panda

There are many ways to play Wacky Panda, but to prevail and win, one must first understand the gameplay, symbols, combinations that lead to victory and the game control buttons. Betting and coinage are variable with a wide range of options that will suit novices and high rollers alike. Betting starts from as low as $0.01, and the maximum payout is a whopping $16,665. You have just three reels and a single pay line upon which to wager. By keeping things simple, the game's real potential can come across and be enjoyed in all its glory. It is entirely possible to win the highest payout of 3,333 times your bet if you get the top combination.

Classic Slot Symbols

Fruits such as Bananas, Melons, and Grapes, join the five adorable pandas as the game symbols. They are appropriate for the game and lend a touch of magic. It takes you back to the times when slots were kept manageable and straightforward. There is no need for thematics, theatrics and flashy gimmicks to attract players or prop up a mediocre game. It is the gambling casino action that ultimately matters most. Lining up the five pandas should be your priority, as they pay out the most handsomely and generously.

Symbol Values

While all the symbols have their intrinsic values, they pay out differently. The White Panda pays out the most at 1,000 times the bet, of you labs all three of them in a line. The Yellow sleeping Panda is the next highest paying icon, with 300 x your bet. The Purple Panda pays out 120x, and the Blue Panda pays out 60 x. Finally, the Green Panda pays out 40x the bet. Ethel fruits also pay out well if you labs all three of them on the reels. The Melon gains you 30x, the Bananas 25x, the Grapes 20x. You can even win 15x your bet if you get just two of the White Panda symbols, and 10x your bet if you get only one. There are myriad ways to win playing Wacky Panda, and lots of entertainment to be had doing so.


Although Wacky Panda has hardly any unique features, the game is fine without them. The action is pure, traditional and classic. The game relies on an excellent and simple gaming experience. Taking players back to the future, with a classic slot available in online medium. It's almost like deja vu, and the luck of the past can bring on the good times here and now, and into the future. The game may seem childish at first glance, but make no mistake, there is a ferocious and powerful casino gambling game under the hood, hidden from view. You will never know unless you give Wacky Panda a spin. A spin that might lead to a huge win, and life-changing experience. Go for it! Try Wacky Panda slots.